Imperial A20 Citrus Yeast


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Described as being as funky as saccharomyces gets, Citrus is a very fruity strain of yeast that borders on Brett-like. It produces lemon and orange flavors, as well as tropical fruit notes. It is a low-flocculating strain of yeast that stays in suspension for awhile and typically attenuates well. Use Citrus in any beer style where fruit and citrus character are desired. Fermenting this strain at higher temperatures can lead to huge fruit esters in the finished beer!

Temperature Range: 67-80 F
Flocculation: Low
Cell Count: 200 Billion
Attenuation: 74-78%


Somewhat similar to WLP644 (but not Brett)

Cell Count: 200 Billion!!

Cool ship your liquid yeast during the warm season with this option.


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