SS Wort Chiller


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This immersion chiller is a very economical way to chill your wort down quickly to ensure your wort efficiently arrives at a proper yeast pitching temperature.

This chiller is 25′(7.62m) long made from 3/8″(9.52mm) stainless steel 304 tubing.

Includes 1.5m of 9mm hose (outflow)

Quick connector for 12mm hose (inflow)



1. Coil Height: 4″(10cm), Coil Diameter: 9.25″(23.5cm)

2. Tube O.D. 3/8″(9.52mm) Thickness: 0.05″(1.27mm)

3. Overall coil length: 25ft

4. Chiller Dimensions:  Approximately 360mm high x 235mm in diameter