We all love homebrewing. We love the ability to make classic styles and also create new brews reflecting our own personal tastes. But these often require ingredients which were not readily available in Japan.

Because we got tired of tracking down this hop and trying to import that yeast just to make one certain style of beer, we figured others probably encountered these same hurdles.  

Import for yourself? Customs can be tricky and who is going to use 10 kilos of hops in a year? Group buys? Too much like herding cats.  So, what if we could get our own shop going, stock it with lots of yeast from different manufacturers (including liquid yeast!), fresh grain, and a wider variety of hops available online at other shops?

So The Malt Shop was born, our small attempt to bring to the homebrewing community a wider choice in brewing supplies. Hopefully, now, we can help make everyone’s brew day can be a lot more enjoyable with less stress finding the ingredients you want and getting them to you quickly.

We are veteran brewers, but our shop aprons are brand new. So, please, send us your suggestions and your feedback. We see The Malt Shop as not just our shop, but that it’s yours as well. Tell us what supplies you need and we’ll do our best to get them to you at a fair price and in a timely fashion.