Made from the finest German quality brewing barley. In our specially developed manufacturing process for our CARAFA ®  SPEZIAL series, a large part of the husk is removed from the grain. Together with an adapted roasting program, this leads to the finest roasted aromas while minimizing the roasted bitterness.

Sensory: finely roasted aromatic; Coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate notes.

Special malt for all dark beer styles, especially typical for

  • Amber lager such as Vienna lager, smoked beer, Bamberger Maerzen smoked beer
  • Dark camps such as International Dark Camp, Munich Dark
  • IPA like Black IPA, Brown IPA, Black Ale
  • Amber Ale like Altbier, Best Bitter, Strong Bitter, California and Kentucky Common
  • Brown Ale like Dark Mild
  • Porters such as Pre-Prohibition Porter, Brown Porter, Coconut Porter
  • Stout such as Sweet, Oatmeal and Tropical Stout
  • Strong ales such as English and American Barleywine, Imperial Red Ale
  • Sour Ale like Oud Bruin
  • dark beer

Recommended addition: up to 5%

(for special recipes e.g. Irish Stout, Russian Imperial Stout, higher use up to 15% possible)

Enzyme activity: none

Colour: 800-1000 EBC

Carafa Special Type 1 Malt

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