Weyermann® Caramunich Type 1

Thanks to a special caramelization process, almost complete conversion in the grain is achieved. This malt provides beer colours ranging from amber to dark copper and intensifies the malt body.

Sensory: pronounced caramel aroma with fine pastry notes.

Caramel malt for malty beer styles, typical for:

  • Amber lager like Franconian red beer
  • Dark lager like Munich Dunkel, International Dark lager
  • Pale Ale like American Pale Ale
  • Amber Ale such as Altbier, Scottish Light, Heavy and Export, California Common, Kentucky Common, English Pale Mild Ale
  • Brown Ale like English Dark Mild Ale
  • Wheat beer like amber wheat, fruit lambic, dark wheat beer

Recommended addition: up to 10%

Enzyme activity: none

Colour: 80.0 - 100.0 EBC

CaraMunich Type 1 Malt

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