Selected as a chance seedling back in 1861, Fuggle quickly became a dominant force in English hops. In 1949 it accounted for 78% of its home country’s hop acreage.
It is named for the grower in Kent who first introduced the variety.
Fuggle is a workhorse hop in terms of style, favored in darker beers like porter, stout, and mild. It adds a classic English signature used alone or as part of a blend for late and dry-hopping English bitter, pale ale, and ESB.
Many first-generation American craft brewers incorporated Fuggle in their groundbreaking pale ales.
Earthy-sweet and round with warm wood and mild tree fruit aromatics, Fuggle is a pleasingly mild hop. Late additions and dry hop can break towards grassy. Often paired with Goldings.
3.5% - 5.5% AA

Fuggle (50g)

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