Dingeman Malting

This is actually a Belgian version of a dark crystal malt. Special B Malt has all the characters of a dark caramel roast with no toasty impression at all. The flavors it imparts can vary. 125g/19L in a lighter brown beer, such as a Mild Ale, will typically add flavors from roasted to nutty. 500g of Special B Malt in a Belgian Dubbel will add intense flavors from raisins to toffee. It will also intensify the beer's color and bring it closer to black and further from brown. Because of Special B's intense flavors and color, do not use it in excess. The maximum amount we recommend using is about 500g/19L.

Belgian Ales,  Trappists, Dubbels, Brown Ales, Imperial Stouts and Barleywines

(140 - 155 L)

Special B Malt

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